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Winter Wonders

All throughout the summer months, the ambivalent weather looms over us like a dark cloud (literally)! The weather change is one of the most discussed subjects amongst people at this time of the year, and most of us prepare well in advance for the cold spell, stocking up on jumpers and thick socks, woolly hats and hot water bottles.

In this day and age, we have countless top-of-the-range conveniences around us. From heated seats, all the way to underfloor heating; we are no doubt spoilt rotten when it comes to looking out for ourselves. But, what about those who are not as fortunate as us?

Do they not need to keep warm? Basic necessities like scarves, gloves and boots are all items we take for granted. Do we reuse the same ones every year? Or are we more likely to buy many variations of them, in an assortment of materials, colours and different styles, to stay in line with the fashion industry?

Away go our spring/summer wardrobes and out come our thick, woolly, winter essentials; we can even store away clothes for any season that comes our way - wow! Not to mention the heating bills some of us pay to stay warm during the cold snap. Electric blankets, hot water bottles, gas fireplaces and central heating are just some of the things we take for granted today.

But did you know, thousands of people in need die each and every year? They suffer due to the cold weather and lack of shelter, warmth and nourishment at this very time of the year. But this is something we can work together to prevent and change.

With so many campaigns you can get involved with, such as Muslim Aid’s Warm Hearts winter campaign, or even the rucksack challenge, there is sure to be a way we can unite and help our fellow brothers and sisters around the world.

So, whilst you are sitting there and reading this, wrapped up in your snuggly, warm fleece blanket, sipping your hot cup of tea, spare a thought for those who would give an arm and a leg to be in your position right now.

Donate to a Muslim Aid campaign today and share some warmth with the world.

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