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World Diabetes Day 2016

Each year on 14th November, people around the world mark World Diabetes Day-a day in which awareness is raised about the condition as well as its associated risks and how to manage them.

Diabetes causes 65 deaths each day in the UK alone. Whilst the condition itself is difficult to manage, it can also cause blindness and kidney disease, and lead to heart failure, strokes and amputations.  It is estimated that over 415 million people suffer from diabetes globally, of which 75% live in the developing world, with one death every six seconds attributed to the condition.

Despite the serious and life-threatening effects of the illness, half of those with diabetes remain undiagnosed.  This year’s hash-tag for World Diabetes Day is ‘#Test2Prevent’-aimed at encouraging people to get tested for diabetes so that they may avoid the serious complications that arise from lack of treatment and management of the illness.

Through its emergency mobile clinics and established and funded hospitals, Muslim Aid has provided support to thousands of adults and children suffering from diabetes since its inception. In addition to providing necessary medications to those unable to afford them, Muslim Aid also provides long-term healthcare to support the management of diabetes.

Spread ‘Test2Prevent’ today to help raise awareness of diabetes and the various dangers associated with it, as well as encourage people to get tested.

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