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According to Reuters more than 500 people have been killed and thousands injured as the war against Gaza continues. 

The second phase of the war on Gaza is now taking place, with the ground offensive beginning on Saturday and already claiming the lives of more innocent civilians.

Over 500 Palestinians have died, 2,300 have been injured and more than 13,000 people have been internally displaced as they flee the bombings and gunfire.

Hospitals in Gaza are already overflowing, with many running out of medicines and staff.

Thousands more people are suffering from fuel and food shortages, while over 750,000 people dependant on food distribution from aid agencies have had their supplies halted.  

Through local partners, Muslim Aid is working with those most affected, having allocated an initial amount of £250,000. More than 800 food parcels have already been distributed, with each pack feeding a family for upto a month. We are also working with the Palestine Trauma Centre to provide social and psychological care for children and families affected by the war on Gaza.

However with the situation set to worsen, more aid is desperately needed.

We urgently need your help. Please show your support to the people of Gaza.


NB: Please check our website for regular updates of the situation in Gaza.

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