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Muslim Aid Offers Free Range UK Qurbani

June 30th, 2022

This year, Muslim Aid is delighted to be able to offer quality, free-range Qurbani here in the UK, sourced from British farmers and delivered straight to your door. This Qurbani op…

Orphanages: Addressing and Fixing a Broken System through Child Community Sponsorship

June 29th, 2022

Orphanages as institutional care systems have a long history of academic criticism. There is an exhaustive list of research papers, institutional position statements and investigative reports saturating the charity research space. Evidencing a near sectoral consensus, the future of aid involves the transformation of the orphanage system. Today, the FCDO (formerly DFID) does not fund any orphanage projects as a matter of policy. Instead, they actively fund projects specifically designed to transition and end the use of orphanages – a process of “deinstitutionalisation”. This policy is shared across many funders and NGOs. Even among large Muslim charities, several have, and for quite some time, terminated any funding or association with orphanage-based interventions.

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