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British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina hosts Reception for Muslim Aid

On 23 November 2010, the British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, HE Michael Tatham, hosted a reception at his residence to mark Muslim Aid’s achievements and to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

HE Micheal Tatham praised the work of Muslim Aid in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also noted its work in regions around the world. Muslim Aid has been active in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1990, providing valuable humanitarian assistance to displaced people and the local community. He said: 

"As the British Ambassador to Bosnia, I am proud that a charitable organisation from the United Kingdom provides a positive contribution in addressing the challenges facing this country. As the ambassador, I am proud to represent the country in more than two million Muslim live. This is a country where Islam is the fastest growing religion, the country where Muslims have an important role in all areas of life, including the media, business, sport and politics. Diversity is something to celebrate, preserve and further develop".

During the reception, Muslim Aid Bosnia screened a short film about its work and talked about its latest educational project titled “Mobile Library Molly”. The mobile library will provide children and youth with access to books, educational material, magazine and DVDs, reaching 24 schools in eastern Bosnia.

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