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Donor visits his sponsored child

Mr Mohammed Zabair, winner of Muslim Aid’s golden ticket for visiting his sponsored child, recently visited Banda Aceh to meet Masron, the child he sponsors on 24-27 June 2012. The visit was truly memorable for both Mr Zabair and Masron. Mr Zabair spent much of the time getting to know Masron, taking part in activities together such as playing football, badminton, reciting Quran and visiting tourist attraction.

Both Masron and Mr Zabair have grown a special bond of friendship. For Masron now Zabair is more than just a donor. Masron said that he was very happy to be visited by his Brother (he called him “Abang”) and grateful for all the supports that has been given to him. “I wish that he will come back again soon to see me”, he added.

In his interview with Muslim Aid Mr Zabair said, “In regards to where he (Masron) lives, how he lives and house that actually he lives in, InshaAllah I’ll support him to make a difference. I’ll continue to support him for a better future.” He also encourage people to continue their donation. Even a small support can have significant impact for those in need.

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