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Eat delicious rice or walnuts and every penny you spend will get to where it's needed most

Last Ramadan, Muslim Aid raised over £1m for our Need is Greatest Appeal. Let’s see if we can raise even more this year, again in partnership with Natco, the UK’s favoured brand for South Asian specialities. 

If you pick up any size of Natco basmati rice kernels or walnut halves in 35 areas across the UK, you will see a green sticker saying ‘100% OF SALES DONATED TO MUSLIM AID.’

Every penny of your purchase, from today until the end of Ramadan, will go to our Need is Greatest Appeal, helping us to respond right away to emergency situations around the globe. 

Muslim Aid was on the ground immediately in Palu, the epicentre of the recent Indonesia earthquake and tsunami, due to our 14-year history of working in the country. We are working in drought-stricken parts of southern Pakistan, where we plan to reach over nineteen thousand families with dry food and animal feed. We are helping starving and desperate people in Yemen and are working right inside Syria and its borders with people caught up in the conflict. 

As well as emergency work, Muslim Aid is specialised in supporting people after the cameras have gone and they have to pick up their shattered lives. 

So if you’re planning to eat rice or walnuts or both as part of your ifthar this Ramadan - this really is the best way to do it! 

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