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Eid 2014 Message from the Chairman

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

May the peace and mercy of Allah (SWT) be upon you.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, staff and volunteers of Muslim Aid, I extend to you, our generous donors, stakeholders and partners, the warmest and most heartfelt Eid Greetings.

Once again the blessed and joyous occasion of Eid ul-Fitr is upon us, as the holy month of Ramadan sadly comes to an end. Alhamdulillah, the month of Ramadan served as a time to increase our worship, reflection and our charitable efforts, which I am proud to say our benevolent supporters have fulfilled through Muslim Aid.

However, Ramadan was a difficult occasion for those who struggle to afford basic amenities. Palestinian families faced particular hardship, suffering and death this Ramadan as a fresh and devastating conflict erupted in the region once again, claiming lives and further exacerbating the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza. Muslim Aid will continue to support such families living in poverty through our Ramadan and emergency programmes. Muslim Aid distributed one-month food parcels to thousands of families in some of the most remote and impoverished parts of the world, while our emergency Gaza appeal raised nearly £3 million which will allow us to carry out extensive and much-needed programmes for families affected by the conflict.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our donors, volunteers, supporters, stakeholders and staff without whom our work would not have been possible. I would also like to thank the Board of Trustees at Muslim Aid for sacrificing their time and dedicating themselves to making the organisation the thriving success that it is.

I would like to make special mention of the Muslim Aid field office staff and partners who worked tirelessly to implement our programmes throughout Ramadan to a high standard that our beneficiaries and donors expect and deserve from us.

I pray that Allah (SWT) accepts our efforts this Ramadan and grants us a prosperous year ahead in which we will reach those most in need together.

Kullu ‘Aam Wa Antum Bikhayr
(May you be well every year)

Dr Manazir Ahsan, MBE
Chairman, Muslim Aid


  • Reverend Canon Randriambelotsoa Justin said on 08 Aug 2014, 09:22

    Please I call help for make 150 seat table for our student , the school year will be started the 30 September 2014 Hoping your precious help Looking forward to hearing from you

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