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Growing Food Crises in Niger Threatens More Than 7.1 Million people with Hunger


Lack of rainfall has caused a serious drought destroying many people’s crops and livestock.  In some areas, harvests have been completely wiped out leaving families hungry and destitute.  Many villagers have left their homes and headed to the city in search of food. Rising food prices and pest infestations has also meant most rural families have had to sell their cattle to buy what little food is available. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that the child malnutrition has risen to emergency levels from 12 percent in 2009 to over 20 percent this year, increasing the risk of illness and death. The acute levels of child malnutrition could lead to permanent damage to their growth and development.

How can you help?

Muslim Aid is committed to helping the people of Niger deal with the looming crises by appealing to its donors and supporters to take action. A Spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: “The situation in Niger is deteriorating. People are hungry and need food. We must work together with the international community and our donors to help organise the resources we need before the situation escalates into a major famine. We need to ensure that food and cash gets to them before it becomes too late.” Access to drinking water and a number of emergency food items are urgently needed to help families get by in the next coming months.

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