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Helping Returnees in Al Alam, Iraq

Muslim Aid Field Office, Iraq
Muslim Aid Field Office, Iraq

Following recent clashes in Iraq, thousands of displaced people have begun returning to areas that are now relatively stable. Muslim Aid is on the ground assisting Iraq's displaced people.

Muslim Aid Iraq was the first organisation to reach the town of Al Alam in Tikrit, where many are now returning to after fleeing the instability there. Having fled their homes, many of Al Alam’s residents found themselves living in tents, derelict buildings and even vehicles after the surge in violence and instability. Muslim Aid has carried out an assessment of the needs of the people in Al Alam, and will be sending a humanitarian assistance convoy to help the returnees to resettle.

Prior to this recent outbreak of violence, Muslim Aid has been carrying out a number of projects in Iraq to help its displaced people. In partnership with UNHCR, Muslim Aid has implemented projects in water and sanitation, rehabilitation, livelihoods and providing shelter for those who have left their homes. These projects are currently taking place in the provinces of Babylon, Baghdad, Diyala, Kirkuk, Salah ad-din, Nineveh and Anbar.




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