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Indonesia Earthquake

Indonesia Earthquake Update: 12 April 2012

Following yesterday’s two earthquakes measuring 8.5 and 8.1 magnitude and sixteen aftershocks, the Tsunami alert which was issued by the Indonesian authorities for the entire western coast of Sumatra was lifted. According to meteorological experts, there was no major tsunami because the quakes caused the earth to shift horizontally along fault lines. It is usually the vertical shifts that result in tsunamis.

Muslim Aid’s Indonesia field office reported that the aftershocks did not cause any significant damage. While remote areas are yet to be assessed, it is not expected that there will be any major damage. Due to the effectiveness of the early warning system, in particular the use of mobile phone, people were promptly alerted and were able to leave buildings and move to higher ground. As of this morning (12 April 2012), residents are reported to have returned home and the electricity supply in Simeuleu and Aceh has been fully restored.

National search and rescue agency, Basarnas, has deployed a helicopter from Sibolya in North Sumatra to monitor the situation. A rapid reaction team is on standby in Jakarta to provide any necessary emergency response support. Muslim Aid is keeping close contact with UN agencies and other humanitarian organisations on the ground and continues to monitor the situation.

Indonesia Earthquake Update: 11 April 2012

Following this morning’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake, there have been three aftershocks in Indonesia. One of these measured 8.8 on the Richter Scale.

The tsunami warning has been lifted by the Indonesian authorities; however there is still a state of alert in Indonesia and neighboring countries due to the aftershocks. No deaths or casualties have been reported so far.

The Sri Lankan authorities have also lifted the tsunami warning and the Met department has advised people to return to their homes.

A massive earthquake of 8.7 magnitude struck Indonesia, 495km from Aceh this morning.

Muslim Aid Indonesia field office has reported that communications are down and road networks have been severely disrupted. A tsunami warning issued by Indonesian authorities has been escalated to alarm and the area is being evacuated. Muslim Aid staff are on the ground conducting an emergency needs assessment.

A tsunami warning has also been issued in several other countries including India, Sri Lanka, Australia and Myanmar. Muslim Aid Bangladesh field office has reported that they also felt the aftershocks of the quake. Muslim Aid Sri Lanka field office has reported that Sri Lankan authorities are evacuating the coastal areas as a matter of urgency.

About Muslim Aid Indonesia

Muslim Aid Indonesia has been active in Indonesia since 2005, initially in emergency response to earthquake and tsunami victims in Aceh. Since then, Muslim Aid Indonesia began widening its activities, and in addition to helping the victims in Aceh, has also supported victims of disaster on Java Island. In the field of development, Muslim Aid Indonesia has carried out projects in the reconstructed housing area to help residents generate income and become self sufficient.

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