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International winter campaign update

Muslim Aid have distributed Keep Warm Kits for Syrian refugees in the Alzarqa, Alrusseifa and Alhussein camp in Jordan. Around 150 families were given mattresses, blankets and pillows to help them keep warm and safe during the cold winter. As the Middle East faces one of its coldest winters in decades, hundreds of refugees crossing the border into Jordan every day, have left without any belongings. Last week, heavy snow and rain flooded some camps.  Through Muslim Aid’s International Winter campaign, Keep Warm Kits are being distributed to help families suffering from the bitter cold.

Below are first-hand accounts of three Syrian beneficiaries who were helped by Muslim Aid team in Jordan.

Radhiya Ahmed, 41

“My family couldn’t bear the living conditions in the camp, the services are very poor and limited, the tents are so small and for six days no one gave us any help or support, nothing to eat. My sons couldn’t even change their clothes, the cold weather and rain were entering our tent, and we couldn’t bear staying there. We are from Hims province in Syria; we were living under clashes, air raids on daily basis. One day my house was exposed to air bombing and I lost two of my family (a girl of 17 and a boy of 10). The next day I took my other sons and left for Jordan. ”


Iman Zuhair, 26

“One day during an air raid a bomb hit my neighbor’s home and killed their daughter. That led me to take my sons and seek refuge in Jordan. I was so afraid that one of my family may get hurt or killed. We left our homes without taking anything. We are in urgent need for clothes, the weather is so cold here. We need food and baby diapers and milk for my babies. I would like to thank you all for the good help you are delivering to us. May Allah –SWT- protect you and reward you all”.


Maya Yaseen, 41

“I took my family and came to Jordan seeking refuge and peace. I lived with my sister’s family in their flat. I needed help to rent a flat for my family. We faced severe living conditions, no food, our house was destroyed, and people were killed in the streets.” 

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