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‘Know Green, Go Green’

Muslim Aid Pakistan recently embarked upon an environmental awareness campaign, ‘Know Green, Go Green’ at Lake Saifulmalook in North Pakistan, often visited by tourists.

The purpose of the campaign was to highlight the importance of preserving nature and a clean environment. The Muslim Aid team along with tourists worked together to pick up strewn rubbish and dispose of it properly. Tourists were also provided with ‘Know Green, Go Green’ stickers and badges with eco and environmentally friendly slogans. The event was covered by local press and proved to be very popular amongst staff, volunteers and tourists.

Muslim Aid Pakistan Country Director, Khobaib A. Vahedy commented, “Climate change in Pakistan has led to the melting of glaciers and snow on mountains, especially around Lake Saifulmalook, thus causing the Lake to lose its natural beauty and charm.” He went on to tell the media that Lake Saifulmalook, which had been declared, a natural site, must be protected under the Ramsar Pact which was signed by more than 70 countries, including Pakistan in 1972.


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