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Little relief for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Generations of Palestinian refugees are still marooned in Lebanon. In a small way, British Muslims are trying to help.  

Independent journalist Mary Dejevsky travels to the Beddawi Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon with Muslim Aid staff.

“The scene could have been almost anywhere where the rich and poor worlds collide. A reasonably maintained building surrounded by depressingly visible disintegration; and inside, a bright room where small children, dressed in their best, are waiting to sing, dance and recite for the benefit of cooing foreign visitors.

The difference was that this was in Lebanon; in the Beddawi Palestinian refugee camp to be precise, outside the battered northern city of Tripoli. And afterwards each child received an envelope with the cash that would help maintain them and fund schooling for another month.

The orphans' centre at Beddawi is where the children and their carers come to find the various forms of help provided by the British-based charity Muslim Aid and local NGOs.“

Mary Dejevsky, Independent, Tuesday 13th April 2010

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