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Muslim Aid builds partnership to increase humanitarian efforts in Myanmar

A Muslim Aid team from HQ in London recently visited Myanmar (Burma), where they met Government Officials, as well as UN agencies and other NGO representatives to asses the needs on the ground and develop a plan for relief and recovery interventions. The team visited 3 camps- Thea Chaung village, Dar Pai village and Kuang Doke Khar in the Rakhine state.

The wave of violence amongst the community and the increasing number of IDPs, placed immense amount of pressure on the IDP camps where food, water, shelter and health service are already in short supply. Muslim Aid is collaborating efforts with the Government of Myanmar and UN Agencies to provide much needed support to the community at large including the IDP camps.

Muslim Aid team reported that the refugee camps are in urgent need of humanitarian help. Many have lost their homes and are without shelter. There are more then 75,000 IDPs. Some of those who have shelter do not have adequate water and sanitation facilities. Within the conflict area some schools have been destroyed, depriving children of education.

Muslim Aid team also met with senior officials of Ministry of Panning and Commerce, in the Rakhine State. At the meeting Assistant CEO of Muslim Aid, Mr Hamid Azad outlined the key areas though which Muslim Aid will be providing support to those in need. Muslim Aid’s second phase of relief efforts will be to implement long term rehabilitation programmes such as education and livelihood.

Muslim Aid now has presence in Myanmar. Any queries in regards to Muslim Aid’s work in Myanmar may be addressed to e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 


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