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Muslim Aid calls on the public to support maternal healthcare programmes on Mother's Day 2014

On Mother's Day, which fell on 30 March 2014, Muslim Aid called upon the public to support maternal health programmes which will save the lives of mothers and their children in the developing world.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 800 maternal deaths occur every day, 99% of which are in developing countries. These deaths could be easily prevented by providing access to medicine and healthcare to mothers. Clean, hygienic medical centres and hospitals which are staffed with trained medical professionals are also vital for the health of mothers and the safe delivery of babies.

A spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: “Mothers’ Day is not only a day in which we should honour our own mothers, but all mothers around the world who face hardship. Hundreds of women die needlessly during childbirth around the world simply through a lack of access to basic medical care, which is unacceptable in this day and age. Together, we can reduce the maternal mortality rate and allow mothers to live to see their children grow into healthy adults. On this day, we call upon the public to support programmes which provide mothers in developing countries access to healthcare in order to reduce maternal mortality rates.”

Since its inception, Muslim Aid has established and supported the building, equipping and staffing of medical centres in developing countries around the world. Recent examples include fifteen medical centres in Sudan, three hospitals in Bangladesh, a hospital in Pakistan, and a hospital in Sri Lanka which all provide maternal care. 175 midwives and birth attendants have been trained in Somalia, 100 midwives have been trained in Indonesia, and medical centres in Iraq have been supported with medicines and medical equipment to support the safe delivery of babies. As part of its healthcare programmes, Muslim Aid provides health awareness for mothers, and nutrition programmes for malnourished children. Muslim Aid is committed to the Millennium Development Goals which includes the improvement of maternal healthcare.

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