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Muslim Aid Condoles Loss of Life in Turkey’s Earthquake

Muslim Aid has offered its condolences to the Government and people of Turkey on the loss of life and property in the devastating earthquake which killed more than 500 and injured over 1300 people last Sunday. The earthquake also destroyed over two thousands homes and buildings in the Van province in eastern Turkey.

In a message sent to the Prime Minister of Turkey on 25 October 2011, the Chairman of Muslim Aid, Sir Iqbal Sacranie said: “I am writing to convey our heartfelt sympathy and condolences on the loss of precious human lives and destruction caused by the devastating earthquake in Eastern Turkey last Sunday.”

“Turkey not only has the experience of dealing with earthquakes in far flung areas but also has the resilience and resources to provide search and rescue, relief goods, medicines and doctors to help the victims of natural disasters. In expressing our strong solidarity with our Turkish brethren, especially those affected by the earthquake, Muslim Aid stands ready to provide whatever modest emergency relief that may be required by Turkish NGOs and other national organisations that are currently providing emergency services to the victims of the earthquake”.

Muslim Aid is closely monitoring the situation in Turkey. Our partners, who are on the ground, have so far provided search and rescue and medical assistance. We are now preparing to provide shelter to those affected. Please donate generously and support the victims of this disaster.  Muslim Aid donation hotline is:  +44 20 7377 4200. or visit


The Turkish Government is accepting international aid to cope with the urgent need for housing materials and temporary shelter for those left homeless. Turkey has also asked other governments and NGOs to help with caravans and mobile homes for those affected by the disaster.

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