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Muslim Aid invites you to 'Do it like Ibrahim (as)' and share the joy of Eid Al Adha

To help celebrate the special month of Dhul Hijjah, Muslim Aid has launched a new campaign, Do it like Ibrahim (as). We are asking British Muslims to make the sacrifice and give Qurbani to people in some of the poorest and most troubled countries in the world.

The example of Ibrahim (as) and Isma’eel (as) is a test that truly stands the test of time. Faced with the dilemma of sacrificing his beloved son, Ibrahim (as) put his trust in Allah (swt) and submitted to him as the ultimate form of worship. To remember his incredible bravery and to emulate the piety and example of one of the greatest men of Islam, donating Qurbani (udiyyah) is considered a highly recommended and rewardable action as demonstrated by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Qurbani is the religious sacrifice of goat or cattle between the 10th and 12th days of Dhul Hijjah, the final month of the Islamic calendar.  On these days Muslims all over the world offer Qurbani which means a sacrifice of an animal on specific days for the pleasure of Allah (swt).

Abul Kalam, Campaigns Manager here at Muslim Aid said:

“We believe Muslim Aid is now the charity of choice for British Muslims; this year during Ramadan 8,000 new people decided to donate to Muslim Aid. This incredible generosity has helped us to supply food parcels and vouchers to over 121,000 people, provide almost 2,000 people in Syria with shelter and health care services, benefit over 7,000 Rohingya people in Myanmar with shelter and supply over 88,000 people in Gaza with clean drinking water.”

“In the last 5 years, Qurbani donations have enabled Muslim Aid to support 1.3 million people across the world. This Qurbani we are asking you to emulate the actions of Ibrahim (as) and feel that spiritual uplift once more.”

With Muslim Aid, you can choose how much you want to donate and where your Qurbani will go:

  • Somalia and India for a cost of £45
  • Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for a cost of £65
  • Afghanistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sudan and Philippines for £110
  • Bosnia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Yemen for a cost of £210

Or you can choose to give your Qurbani in these ways:

  • Where the Need is Greatest – supplying canned Qurbani at a cost of £ 90
  • Family Qurbani – supplying 7 units of Qurbani so that your family can feed another, at a cost of £196 (£28 per share)
  • Helping people who are struggling to eat here in the UK - 2/3 of your Qurbani will be delivered to you and 1/3 to people in need in the UK

For further information, see 'Qurbani Explained'.

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