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Muslim Aid Joins MCA

Muslim Climate Action (MCA) is a coalition of UK Muslim organizations concerned about climate change.  One of their key aim is to share best practice on climate change campaigning and programmes amongst member organizations to build capacity and expertise as well as highlight Islamic perspectives on the environment and climate change issues among Muslim communities, the media and the wider society.

MCA believes that climate change is a manmade problem mainly caused by burning high levels of fossil fuels and pursuing irresponsible and unsustainable economic growth which has resulted in the poorest people around the world suffering from the worst effects of climate change which is a huge injustice. 

At Muslim Aid, we strive to ensure that climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction models are incorporated into all the programmes we implement in areas where the beneficiaries are most susceptible to disaster and climate change. By joining MCA, we hope that we will be able to develop and share best practice on climate resilient pathways with a wide range of organisations committed to achieving sustainable development around the world.

Muslim Aid Joins MCA
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  • Rookh Niaz Khan said on 23 Nov 2015, 13:02

    We will be focused climate smart agricultural and to initiate alternate livelihood means in disaster prone areas of Pakistan. 1-Promotion of new variety of flood resistance variety of Rice by National Agricultural Research Station (NARC-Islamabad) in flood prone areas of Pakistan. 2- Increase forestation in highly areas to overcome sliding and flash flood in Pakistan

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