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Muslim Aid marks ‘Muslim Aid Day’ on its 30th Anniversary

On 29th October, Muslim Aid marked ‘Muslim Aid Day’ at the BT Auditorium in London.

Muslim Aid Day is an annual occasion which is held within the month of Muslim Aid’s inception. A theme is selected as a focus of the event which has included water and sanitation and child sponsorship in the past. The theme of this year’s event was, ‘30 years of Serving Humanity’ in light of Muslim Aid’s 30th anniversary.

Hosted by Ajmal Masroor, the event, held at the prestigious BT Auditorium in St Pauls, London, included Lord McNair, Murad Qureshi AM and Kashif Siddiqi among its attendees.  A former sponsored child from Muslim Aid’s Child Sponsorship programme in Bosnia, who went on to study medicine and is now obtaining her Masters degree in Physics, also spoke at the event through a live link.

Speaking at the event, Muslim Aid Chairman Dr Manazir Ahsan said: “Despite the challenges we face as global humanitarian crises are increasing, we stand today ready with fortitude, to serve those who need our help worldwide.” Muslim Aid’s CEO, Mr Hamid Azad also commended the generosity and support of donors, volunteers, and companies such as BT and other organisations throughout Muslim Aid’s 30 years of service, adding “it has enabled us to relieve immediate suffering of people caused by conflict, natural disasters and wars, and then deliver long-term, sustainable programmes to rebuild their lives.”

Murad Qureshi spoke of climate change and expressed his eagerness to work with Muslim Aid to include environmentalism as part of its work whilst commending its work to date, and added “we look forward to Muslim Aid serving humanity for the foreseeable future.”

From its inception in 1985, Muslim Aid has grown from a small organisation to one of largest Muslim NGOs in the world. Originally working to alleviate suffering during the humanitarian crises which plagued Africa through emergency relief, Muslim Aid expanded its work to encompass long-term humanitarian assistance through economic empowerment, education, child sponsorship, water and sanitation, shelter and disaster risk reduction. Muslim Aid now has field offices in 17 countries worldwide and operates in over 70 countries.



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Muslim Aid is a relief and development agency set up in the United Kingdom in 1985 to provide humanitarian assistance to disaster affected countries and to help poor and vulnerable communities overcome poverty.

Muslim Aid delivers relief and implements programmes in over 70 countries worldwide, working with all communities irrespective of faith, ethnic origin or political system.     

Muslim Aid programmes include emergency relief, capacity building through water, sanitation and health programmes, education and skills training, microfinance, income generation and care for orphans and destitute children. As well as giving practical assistance, Muslim Aid tackles poverty by developing long-term sustainable solutions, advocating for a more just future.      

For further information about the work of Muslim Aid and its overseas field offices, please visit the Muslim Aid website at or go to our Twitter Account Muslim_Aid or contact the Information and Public Affairs Department on (+44) 020 7377 4200, [email protected] or via post on PO Box 3| London | E1 1WP

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