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Muslim Aid pays tribute to Aid Workers everywhere on World Humanitarian Day

On World Humanitarian Day 2015, which fell on 19th August, Muslim Aid staff and trustees paid tribute to aid workers around the world.

This year the theme of the day was ‘Humanitarian Heroes’, and is a day dedicated to the memory of fallen aid workers and in honour of those who continue to bravely and selflessly work in difficult, hostile and dangerous environments in order to benefit people in desperate need.

A Muslim Aid spokesperson said: “On this day we must honour those who have sacrificed their time, compromised their safety and in some cases tragically lost their lives, carrying out honourable and selfless acts of kindness to those most in need. They continue to serve as a great inspiration to us all, and all of us here at Muslim Aid would like to thank them for their sincere dedication to alleviating suffering and poverty.”

The need for humanitarian work to continue remains high, particularly in fragile and conflict-affected areas of the world, where it is estimated that over 40% of these populations are living in extreme poverty (World Bank). Although demand is high, working in such regions poses a high risk to aid workers’ safety and prevents access, delivery and distribution of aid.

Long-term work must also continue as 1 billion children, almost half of the world’s children, are currently living in poverty, and it is estimated that 22,000 of them die each day as a direct result.

Muslim Aid employs 2,000 people worldwide, many of whom carry out their work in hostile environments. Despite the danger involved, Muslim Aid has successfully implemented long-term and emergency programmes in conflict zones such as Gaza, Syria, Myanmar and the Central African Republic in the last year alone.

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