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Muslim Aid provides support for IDPs in Anbar, Iraq

Emergency Food Relief in Iraq
Emergency Food Relief in Iraq

In response to the ongoing conflict and unrest in Anbar Province, Iraq, Muslim Aid has provided support for newly displaced families. Due to widespread violence, families have been forced to flee their homes, and almost 76% of the newly displaced families do not have enough money for basic items such as food.

Muslim Aid Iraq collaborated with local authorities to carry out a rapid needs assessment which identified 1,398 displaced families (9,479 individuals) in urgent need of assistance.  Muslim Aid distributed aid in accordance with the needs assessment conducted by the team, which included food parcels and non-food items such as hygiene products across the Haditha, Anah and Rawah areas of Anbar.

Beneficiaries expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with the items provided to them which were urgently needed. 


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