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Muslim Aid responds to Afghans arriving in the UK

Muslim Aid responds to Afghans arriving in the UK:

Over the past few weeks Muslim Aid has been working with the British Red Cross, Voluntary Community Sector Emergency Partnerships (VCSEP) and Local Authorities to support Afghans arriving in the UK.

The Need:

Around 8,000 Afghans, more than half of them children are being left without access to essentials such as toothpaste, sanitary towels. nappies and medicines while in temporary hotels. All arrivals have been required to complete a 10-day quarantine in hotels before they are moved into longer-term housing. To date 2,000 people have secured permanent housing, with the remaining 6,000 being housed in temporary accommodation known as ‘Bridging’ hotels for an indefinite period.

New arrivals also have no financial support or resources for their children such as toys, and limited access to outside play space.

“Our responsibility for arrivals is to ensure temporary accommodation is safe and appropriate, by focusing on immediate support, families can feel welcomed by the British Muslim community.’’ – Yusuf Kalam Fundraising & Community Engagement Manager


Muslim Aid was a chosen partner due to our cultural and religious understanding of the needs of Afghan arrivals. This included providing information in relation to faith appropriate clothing, dietary requirements (halal), transportation for prayers/Jummah and understanding of cultural customs.


To date Muslim Aid has been able to provide direct support to over 1,000+ families across 7 Quarantine Hotels and 3 Bridging Hotels. Our intervention includes providing Hygiene Kits, Infant Packs, Religious items.

  • 7: On Call Interpreters as and when the need is required
  • 150: Culturally appropriate clothing.
  • 250: Islamic Packs with Arabic/English Qurans, hijabs & prayer matts.
  • 250: Children Items such as Activity packs, colouring pens, colouring books, small toys and fidgets.
  • 350: Travel Drawstring Bags with toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoos, soap, sanitary towels, deodorant, nail clippers, hairbrushes, sponges, and wet wipes.


‘’The interpreters we have at the hotels today have been super helpful, I've already had amazing feedback about them. With their help we were able to help process over 1,000 Afghan arrivals!’’ – Henry British Red Cross

‘’I am amazed with the response from Muslim Aid as many of the Afghan refugees were in urgent need of sanitary items, I pray all the volunteers, donors and community are rewarded for their generosity’’ – Mohammed Site Manager Quarantine Hotel

What Next?

Muslim Aid will continue to support Afghan arrivals from placement into Bridging Hotels until they are resettled through the local authority.

How can you help?

If you would like to support our UK Programmes team through sorting gift in kind donations, advocacy or have some spare time please get in touch.

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