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Muslim Aid’s message on World Food Day 2013

Despite the world producing enough food to feed everyone, food crisis continues to be a great cause of concern. Poverty, disasters and conflicts continue to deprive people of healthy and nutritious food. Around 21,000 people die every day from either hunger or hunger-related causes. On the occasion of World Food Day on the theme “sustainable food system vital for food security and nutrition” Muslim Aid reaffirms its call for working together with humanitarian organisations, international community and governments in eradicating world hunger.

Commemorating World Food Day, a spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: “It is important to establish an effective system whereby food is produced and distributed properly, with a fair allocation to poor communities. The system should include a sustainable economic system, agricultural support to small food producers, reasonable food prices, increasing connectivity to global commodity markets through easy access and focusing on reduction of negative impact of climate change on food production.”

Muslim Aid’s long term nutrition projects encourage communities to harness their own resources in order to combat food shortages. For example, Muslim Aid’s livelihood programme in Bosnia and Cambodia enables individuals to give back to their communities whilst being self-sufficient all year round. In Indonesia, Muslim Aid provided children under the age of five with high protein milk supplements. A similar programme is being funded by Muslim Aid in Bangladesh with support provided by World Food Programme.

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