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Muslim Aid’s swift response to Grenfell Tower tragedy

Muslim Aid staff and volunteers have been out in West London all day since early morning to help those affected by the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower.  Muslim Aid has been coordinating with mosques, churches, trusts, and refugee centres in evacuation centres up and down the local area to provide meals, medication, hygiene kits and blankets. 

Some staff based themselves at the Almanaar Muslim Centre which opened its door to provide shelter to the families left homeless and to the many families who rushed to the area to try to get news of relatives.  

“Many women and children and families are here crying because they just don’t have any idea what has happened their relatives and the inevitability of bad news is the worst thing that anyone can go through.  So we are here providing emotional comfort as well as practical support as best we can. We are here to stand in solidarity and serve,” says Lotifa Begum, Muslim Aid's Global Advocacy Coordinator.

As well as the instant support, Muslim Aid immediately began a needs assessment, recognising that it is important to avoid duplication of support and pull resources.

Ahmad Teladia, Muslim Aid’s UK Programmes Officer, speaking with the smoke from the fire still bellowing behind him said: “Muslim Aid is trying to put a structure together to support in a coordinated way with other organisations.  Muslim Aid will be here today, tomorrow and still when all the cameras have disappeared.”

With other organisations, Muslim Aid launched an appeal for bereaved families as well as the injured and homeless.  Funds will help provide temporary shelter and other support and be used for the longer-term rehabilitation needs.

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