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Muslim Aid supports the International Day of the Girl Child with its Child Sponsorship Programme

On the International Day of the Girl Child, which falls on 11th October, Muslim Aid is encouraging investment in education to enable disadvantaged girls around the world to receive quality schooling.

Globally, 65 million girls are out of school. In most developing countries, less than 50% of girls complete their primary school education. Children, particularly girls, who do not attend school become vulnerable to violence, abuse, forced labour and forced marriages. An extra year of secondary school increases a girl’s potential income by up to 25%, which is big a step toward overall poverty reduction. 

Muslim Aid fully supports the education and empowerment of girls, running the Rainbow Family Child Sponsorship Programme, which supports the families of disadvantaged children around the world.

The scheme helps children receive a formal education, a vital life skill that many girls are denied. Poor families are most likely to take girls out of school when they cannot afford to educate all of their children. By supporting financially and offering girls an education through its programmes, Muslim Aid makes it easier for families to keep girls in school.

 Muslim Aid also invests in the education of women through its skills training programmes which enables them to receive an independent wage and provide inspiration for girls of future generations to gain employment. 

A spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: “At Muslim Aid we strongly believe that education is crucial to development, and that educating boys and girls is equally important in tackling poverty as well as many other social injustices which plague developing countries today. Keeping girls in education dramatically reduces their chances of being victims of violence and empowers them to become contributing members of society. To that end, we urge the international community to invest in initiatives that enable disadvantaged girls around the world to receive a quality education.”  

Muslim Aid supports the International Day of the Girl Child with its Child Sponsorship Programme


  • Nuru Mwakilingi said on 21 Oct 2014, 12:36

    I am Nuru Mwakilingi from Tanzania East Africa aged 27 years old. i competed secondary school ordinary level 2005, advance level secondary school 2008 and ordinary diploma course in procurement and logistic management 2011. recently i expect to join degree course of procurement and logistic management in one universities in home country Tanzania. So i would like your organization to support me for sponsor in this course for three years my family is poor they can not support me Thank you regard Yours Nuru Mwakilingi

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