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Muslim Aid Welcomes UK Government’s Response to Pakistan Floods

Muslim Aid Chairman Sir Iqbal Sacranie has welcomed the response of the UK government led by International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell to address the flood emergency in Pakistan through various initiatives.

Commenting on the speech of the International Development Secretary at the House of Commons on 7 September 2010, Muslim Aid Chairman said: “The UK government was one of the first countries to respond to the floods crisis in Pakistan. Muslim Aid was also amongst the first international NGOs to be present at the scene of the floods and to launch an appeal to help Pakistan flood victims. The UK Government and NGOs have helped to focus the attention of the British public and international development partners on the devastating effects of the floods in Pakistan”. Sir Iqbal also welcomed the visit by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to Pakistan early this month to witness the impact of the floods.

Muslim Aid has, as at today, raised over £2.5 million to help the victims of the crisis in terms of providing emergency relief aid and to rehabilitate the displaced persons. Muslim Aid emergency teams are also working in the south of Pakistan to provide temporary shelter, food packs and medical help to people affected by the waters.

In the resettlement and rehabilitation phase of the crisis, Muslim Aid hopes to work together with the DfID and other NGOs in implementing projects aimed at post-flood development and reconstruction of damaged infrastructure. Initial plans include partnering with relevant NGOs and agencies for rebuilding schools and clinics, rebuilding clean water reservoirs, provision of housing for the poor, advancing micro finance for small to medium scale enterprises and adopting a village for comprehensive model development.  

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