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Muslim Aid’s message on World Literacy Day 2014

On World Literacy Day 2014, which fell on 8th September, Muslim Aid reinforced its commitment to the provision and facilitation of literacy and sustainable development, in keeping with this year’s theme of the day.

Literacy is a tool which underprivileged children and adults everywhere can utilise to receive quality education and gain employment, thus breaking the cycle of poverty for themselves and others with dignity and pride. This will enable individuals to contribute positively towards building a prosperous community.

Literacy and education are vital to creating sustainable development, and thus the two are inextricably linked. An example of such work is Muslim Aid’s Rainbow Family programme, which allows donors to directly sponsor the education and general well-being of a child. Furthermore, Muslim Aid holds various literacy and skills training programmes for widows and destitute women which enable them to gain employment and provide for their families.







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