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Muslim Aid's statement on closure of Rohingya projects in Bangladesh

In compliance with the Bangladesh Government’s order, Muslim Aid Bangladesh and other charities have stopped their humanitarian operations in Teknaf Uppazilla of Cox’s Bazaar District with immediate effect. It is unfortunate that this action has been taken in the holy month of Ramadan which is a special occasion for helping vulnerable people and feeding the hungry.   

Muslim Aid has appealed to the Government of Bangladesh to review this decision on humanitarian grounds and allow continuation of essential relief to the Rohingyas in Bangladesh to meet their basic needs, until an arrangement is worked out for their safe return to Myanmar. 


  • Bina said on 22 Jun 2015, 15:40

    May Allah help these innocent people and help the Muslim Governments take responsibility for compassionate care and their own people as well as other people

  • khan said on 03 Jun 2015, 10:35

    Any aid workers helping and donations ..

  • saqib said on 30 May 2015, 08:26

    i am shocked on this news that how muslim countries are not helping these innocent people . shame for banagledeshi government a nd sooo called muslim states. that is reason of decline of muslim ummah

  • Tasmi said on 23 May 2015, 21:36

    Assalamu Alaikum. The travesty continues as the Rohingya try and flee by sea and are stranded without help. Please will you contact me by email. There are Muslim families, mainly based in South Africa, considering adopting Rohingyan orphans. Would you be able to link me with people on the ground in Bangladesh that we could approach to get information about this possibility and the implications thereof. I look forward to hearing from someone, insha'Allah.

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