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National Bookmobile Day 2014: Muslim Aid expresses its support for mobile libraries

Child enjoying National Bookmobile day
Child enjoying National Bookmobile day

On the occasion of National Bookmobile Day 2014, Muslim Aid commends the noble work of all developmental organisations and educational institutions providing bookmobile services especially in the remote areas where children and adults have less access to libraries and educational resources. Libraries are at the heart of any community providing people opportunities to enhance their knowledge, thrive and explore the pleasures of reading. However, not all communities are fortunate to have libraries where they can freely read, think, come up with creative ideas and communicate effectively.

For those who are deprived of books and libraries, bookmobiles gives hope to people especially children to discover the joy of reading and improve their literacy. Reading and literacy are important efficient tools to eradicate poverty from the communities. Muslim Aid runs several programmes throughout the world, in Europe, Africa and Asia, which facilitate children with books and educational resources. In Bosnia, Muslim Aid implemented Molly the Mobile Library, which visits different schools in order to provide books to pupils and children in remote areas.

Muslim Aid’s Rainbow Family Child Support Programme ensures that children, whose families cannot afford books, have access to books and educational resources. Our donors, who support children through the Rainbow Family Programme, are also able to send story books through our headquarters. Books and the ideas therein can broaden horizons to enable people to genuinely free their minds. Muslim Aid is proud to be supporting such a noble cause.


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