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Reach More Feed More delivers Eid blessings in Afghanistan and South Africa

Raising over £550,000 last month, this year's Qurbani Programme reached over 40 countries across the world, allowing thousands to enjoy Eid ul-Adha celebrations. In South Africa, Muslim Aid Fundraising Officer Tariq Sheikh met with our partner organisation, the Islamic Dawah Movement, to monitor the programme.

Visiting several regions, including Durban, Umzumbe and Mariann Ridge, Tariq was able to meet those able to benefit from the programme. He speaks of the poor conditions he witnessed in visiting their homes, some made of mud and wood, with no electricity and no heating system. When the sun would set, this would take its toll – “At night it would be freezing. The situation made me realise that they may have walls around them, but that’s about it- there’s no insulation, no warmth. When you think of poverty, it was exactly that.”

On receiving Qurbani meat through Muslim Aid, he says they were extremely grateful –

“It’s a basic thing that we take for granted. We eat meat every single day but it’s very rare for them to get meat. For us to be able to give them this on Eid day, it’s a big, big thing.”

On the other side of the continent, Muslim Aid carried out Qurbani in Afghanistan with the help of local partners on the ground. Around 180 families and individuals were able to enjoy fresh Qurbani meat. This included orphans on the Rainbow Family Child sponsorship programme, widows and internally displaced families suffering from hardship due to the ongoing conflict. While patiently queuing at the Qurbani distribution, grade one student, Sadia, from an orphanage in Maidan Shahr quipped delightfully: “I am happy because my siblings have been waiting to eat some delicious food on Eid day.” At Muslim Aid, we hope that indeed, Sadia’s Mother made her and her siblings a meal to remember!

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