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Muslim Aid Asks the International Community Not to Forget Somalia

Muslim Aid today appealed to the international community to continue to provide support to the people of Somalia to overcome the long-term effects of the harsh drought of last year. An estimated 13 million people were affected by the crisis expected to extend into 2012.

A spokesperson for Muslim Aid said, “The media attention is turning away from the people of Somalia, even though the need is really great. Muslim Aid urges international media to speak for them, no matter how low the voices are. The cases of malnutrition amongst children are rising in number and a lack of sustained global response will mean reversing the gains made in helping people return to their land from the IDP camps.”

On January 8 2012, Muslim Aid Somalia carried out massive relief distribution to 1340 families, comprising of rice, vegetable cooking oil, mosquito nets, blankets, plastic sheets and powder milk. Muslim Aid Somalia has also continued to provide assistance for education, healthcare and water & sanitation in Somalia. The projects included an immunisation programme to vaccinate 740,000 children against measles, polio and whooping cough in Mogadishu, rehabilitation of 60 shallow wells to provide clean water to over 30,000 IDPs as well as hosting communities and construction of 400 latrines for IDP camps, health centers, schools and hospitals.

The beneficiaries expressed their appreciation to Muslim Aid and urged for greater international assistance. One grateful mother remarked, “I was not expecting to receive this when I came; the milk will help my children for a month”.

Notes to editors

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