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Muslim Aid joins the ‘Enough Food IF’ campaign

“And in their wealth there is a share of the poor and the dispossessed as their right” Qur’an; 51:19

Muslim Aid has joined the IF campaign, a group of more than 150 organizations committed to encourage world leaders and the general public to make vital changes in order to tackle world hunger and malnutrition.

7 million tons (nearly half of all food purchased) in the UK alone is thrown away each year, whilst nearly 1 billion people go to bed hungry each night and 2 million children die of malnutrition around the world. These figures reveal a great global injustice where food is concerned, which is particularly unacceptable in a world where food is in abundance.

A spokesperson for Muslim Aid said “Muslim Aid, guided by the teachings of Islam, envisions a world free of poverty and hunger. Joining the IF Campaign brings us closer to this goal”

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