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Muslim Aid Launches Mosque Appreciation Events

Muslim Aid is organising a series of events in the UK to recognize Mosques and Institutions for their generous and valuable contribution to charitable causes in partnership with Muslim Aid the world over. The events will showcase Muslim Aid’s recent work in the emergencies in Somalia and Pakistan.  Muslim Aid has received generous contributions from the community to fund its emergency relief and development programmes as well as distribute religious dues (zakat) on behalf of Muslim donors.

The first of these events is being held in Birmingham on 3 December 2011. It will be followed by similar events in Manchester on 9 December and in London on 17 December.

A spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: “We are proud that the Muslim community in Britain is part of the great tradition of caring for the poor and the needy. Our  Feed the Fasting programme in Ramadan and the Qurbani programme are funded entirely from community donations.  Since its inception, Muslim Aid has placed great emphasis on joining forces with mosques and institutions in the UK to create awareness and raise valuable funds for the relief of victims of emergencies, long-term poverty eradication and developmental empowering programmes.”

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