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Muslim Aid Reception for the Hajj Exhibition at British Museum

On Wednesday 28 March, Muslim Aid hosted a Reception and a private viewing of the most popular Hajj Exhibition titled ‘Journey to the Heart of Islam’ at the British Museum, London.

The Reception was attended by distinguished guests from different walks of life and included Ministers, parliamentarians, diplomats, senior civil servants, international humanitarian organisations, businesses and local community leaders. Muslim Aid’s guests experienced the unique message of Hajj through this magnificent exhibition and enhanced their knowledge about Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam.

Welcoming the guests, Muslim Aid Chairman Sir Iqbal Sacranie said: “Muslim Aid is proud of its adherence to the principles of Islam. The values of submission to one God, humility, sacrifice, forgiveness and compassion for fellow human beings which are revived through the annual world assembly of Hajj are also expressed in the objects of our Charity and its programmes.”

He thanked British Museum and King Abdul Aziz Public Library for bringing this unique exhibition to the UK and thereby to remind us of our common Abrahamic heritage. Prophet Abraham was a great iconoclast and to him belonged the unique honor of reconstructing a great world civilization after the Great Deluge. Sir Iqbal added, “It was time we took Charity with capital ’C ’as a policy tool to bring about distributive justice in the economic system than as a mere act of alms-giving. Beyond being a rich feast for our eyes, this exhibition is also a rich food for thought for all of us…thoughts about those who are poor and dispossessed.”

In his address, the Minister of State for International Development, Mr Alan Duncan said: “It's a pleasure to attend such a great event organised by Muslim Aid, and to witness the deeply personal stories of those who've made the pilgrimage to Mecca. The UK Government works with many civil society organisations, including Muslim Aid, to help some of the poorest people in the world. We do this to achieve our shared goals including alleviation of poverty, education for all and the provision of basic amenities for those most in need.”

The Reception was sponsored by King Abdul Aziz Public Library. The British Museum provided an exclusive private viewing of the Exhibition for the event. The information pack distributed to guests included a book on Hajj compiled by the British Museum, as well as Muslim Aid’s Annual Review 2011 and an update on Somalia.

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