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Muslim Aid’s Message on International Day for Disaster Reduction

On the International Day for Disaster Reduction, Muslim Aid expressed solidarity with governments, UN agencies and other humanitarian organisations that are taking action locally to prepare communities for reducing the impact of disasters. This year’s campaign theme is: Making Children and Young People Partners for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Reiterating the position of Muslim Aid on preparing for disaster risk reduction, a spokesperson for the Charity said: “It is critical to engage local communities, especially children and young people for raising, awareness about disasters and improving safety and security of people during emergencies. We encourage parents, teachers and guardians to help their children learn more about the causes and impact of disasters and how children around the world are facing up to these challenges. While our approach to addressing disaster risk has become comprehensive, the frequency and complexity of disasters that have occurred in the last couple of years bear testimony to the fact that enormous challenges lie ahead, especially for those who are directly affected.” 

“The cumulative experience of states that have developed national capacities to deal with natural disasters can hugely benefit countries which are under-resourced and at the same time less prepared to respond effectively during disasters. This calls for international cooperation in disaster prevention and mitigation and investment in empowering rural communities, particularly women and young people, to build local resilience and early warning systems, including employment initiatives. Empowering communities brings greater responsibility and global awareness, which can be a great advantage in disaster reduction”, added the spokesperson.

Notes to editors

• Muslim Aid is a relief and development agency set up in the United Kingdom in 1985 to provide humanitarian assistance to disaster affected countries and to help poor and vulnerable communities overcome poverty. Over the last 26 years, Muslim Aid has expanded its work to cover over 70 countries worldwide. Muslim Aid works with all communities irrespective of faith, ethnic origin or political system. Muslim Aid programmes include emergency relief; capacity building through water, sanitation and health programmes; education and skills training; micro-financing and income generation and orphan care. As well as giving practical assistance, Muslim Aid tackles poverty by developing sustainable solutions, advocating for a more just and sustainable future.

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