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Muslim Aid’s Message on World Water Day: Save Water to Give Life

Muslim Aid is supporting this year’s theme - Water for Cities - on World Water Day held on 22 March 2011. Muslim Aid’s work in countries as diverse as Bangladesh, Sudan, Cambodia and the Gambia, has focused on provision of clean drinking water to people suffering from poverty and basic resource constraints.

In a statement, a Spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: “As cities expand and populations move for education and jobs, the task of providing safe water and sanitation places additional burden on local authorities to keep services running. In many African countries affected by drought, governments are simply unable to cope with the demand resulting in makeshift supplies of impure drinking water and the ever present water-borne diseases. The grim statistics point to major challenges: one-sixth of the world’s population lack access to safe drinking water, 1 billion children live without basic sanitation and around 827 million people live in slums, lacking adequate water and sanitation facilities. Governments and NGOs should take ownership of this grave, worldwide problem and find innovative ways of saving water to ensure availability of fresh water and protect human health. As a faith-based charity, Muslim Aid has an additional responsibility to advocate for free access to clean water by all. ”

Muslim Aid projects aim to provide clean drinking water for communities in cities and villages. These have ranged from digging wells in different countries under the religious dues programme, constructing latrines, improving sanitation and delivering hygiene awareness programmes for sustainable long-term solutions. Muslim Aid’s water and sanitation project in the overpopulated Gaza City in 2009 provided clean water to at least 100 schools, 10 hospitals and 500 families. Muslim Aid’s most recent project in the water sector is in the Gambia which includes digging wells and supplying fresh water to communities through reservoirs. It is projected to expand to other countries in the future.


Note to Editors

  • Muslim Aid is a relief and development agency set up in the United Kingdom in 1985 to provide humanitarian assistance to disaster affected countries and help poor and vulnerable communities overcome poverty. Over the last 25 years, Muslim Aid has expanded its work to cover over 70 countries worldwide. Muslim Aid works with all communities irrespective of faith, ethnic origin or political system.
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