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Muslim Aid urges international community to increase investment in healthcare

On the occasion of the second Annual Muslim Aid Day, Muslim Aid is focusing on the theme of “Investment in Healthcare: Promotion, Provision and Access.” Muslim Aid Day this year marks the Charity’s commitment to the implementation of healthcare programmes in some of the most deprived communities in the world. These three aspects are vital to the delivery of healthcare programmes in developing countries.

Most illnesses in the developing world are preventable and could be cured easily. Lack of basic healthcare facilities in rural areas, fake or costly life saving medicines, absence of sanitation facilities and vaccinations are some of the contributory factors that affect the health and well-being of the people.

A spokesperson for the Charity said: “Access to quality healthcare should not be valued as a luxury but as a right. Good health and nutrition are essential for the survival and economic self sufficiency of individuals and communities. We urge governments and international organisations to put healthcare on top of their development agenda.” Muslim Aid is committed to improving the health of communities in developing countries in order to support them towards social and economic progress. A large part of Muslim Aid’s grants in kind comprises of medicines delivered to the most disadvantaged communities affected by conflict and disaster. Muslim Aid has also provided medical equipment and pharmaceutical products for humanitarian intervention in Palestine and Somalia; has conducted breast cancer awareness workshops in Iraq and Lebanon and provided maternal healthcare in Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Notes to editors

-       Muslim Aid is a relief and development agency set up in the United Kingdom in 1985 to provide humanitarian assistance to disaster affected countries and to help poor and vulnerable communities overcome poverty. Over the last 27 years, Muslim Aid has delivered services in over 70 countries worldwide. Muslim Aid works with all communities irrespective of faith, ethnic origin or political system. Muslim Aid programmes include emergency relief, capacity building through water, sanitation and health programmes, education and skills training, microfinance and income generation and orphan care. As well as giving practical assistance, Muslim Aid tackles poverty by developing sustainable solutions, advocating for a more just and sustainable future.

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