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Muslim Aid Welcomes Britain's New Foreign Aid Priorities

Muslim Aid has welcomed the review of Britain's international assistance announced by the International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell in Parliament yesterday. Welcoming the statement, a spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: "We welcome the Government's decision to increase development assistance to fragile and conflict-affected countries and those under-performing in the MDGs. It is a reflection of Britain's results-based approach to providing development assistance where it is needed most. 

Muslim Aid appreciates that some developing countries and multilateral agencies will see a fall in their funding. However, it is important to address instability and abject poverty in fragile countries as a matter of priority. We live in an increasingly interdependent world where peace and security depend on progress of all countries."

The spokesperson further added: "Muslim Aid hopes that the new aid regime will place a high bar on institutional anti-corruption measures in recipient countries. We also hope that the Department for International Development will actively involve non-governmental organisations working with local populations in conflict areas to manage development assistance instead of relying solely on traditional bilateral channels."



Notes to Editors:

  • Muslim Aid is a relief and development agency set up in the United Kingdom in 1985 to provide humanitarian assistance to disaster affected countries and help poor and vulnerable communities overcome poverty. Over the last 25 years, Muslim Aid has expanded its work to cover over 70 countries worldwide. Muslim Aid works with all communities irrespective of faith, ethnic origin or political system.
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