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World Hunger Day 2014: Muslim Aid determined to end chronic persistent hunger

Although the number of people afflicted by hunger in the world has fallen down by 17% since 1990, there are still 842 million people living in hunger and poverty worldwide.  Out of 827 million undernourished people in the developing countries, over 500 million people live in Asia. With all the abundant natural resources, vast paddy fields and plentiful seasonal fruits and vegetables in Asia, more people, especially children, are dying from chronic persistent hunger than from malaria, Aids and tuberculosis combined. Chronic persistent hunger prevails in the developing countries not due to lack of food supply but because there are not enough opportunities for people to earn enough income and have access to education and skills training.

A spokesperson at Muslim Aid: ‘’ Food and shelter are basic human right. It is simply not acceptable that any one should die because of hunger and poverty. We are determined to take effective measures in our capacity to tackle the root causes of chronic persistent hunger through our development projects in education, health, child sponsorship and skills training. Thousands of people every year benefit from our livelihood programmes and acquire different skills through skills development programmes. We hope our efforts can bring fruitful results in making vulnerable people resilient to unpredictable hunger seasons and come out of poverty.’’

In 2013, over 59,000 micro and small entrepreneurs embarked on their businesses through Muslim Aid microfinance programme creating job opportunities within their communities. Muslim Aid also implemented a range of skills training programmes including knitting, fodder making, business and marketing skills training and knitting bag in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In Pakistan, Muslim Aid implemented a programme for the early recovery of agricultural livelihood by re-establishing agricultural production and improving food security for 24,000 individuals. In addition, 5,060 children are currently being sponsored in 14 countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Sudan via Muslim Aid’s Rainbow Family programme.

Notes to Editor: World Hunger Day is an annual event created by The Hunger Project UK which celebrates sustainable solutions to ending extreme hunger and poverty. With a key focus on genuine partnership, it seeks to highlight the positive actions taken by those existing on less than £1 ($1.25) per day, to end their own hunger. 

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