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Such a powerful word, right? Do we even realise how much this word features in our lives and how much our actions have to do with this one simple word? Not convinced? Read on to see if the word “faith” fits in somewhere within your answer to these questions…


  • Do you believe in Allah SWT?
  • Why?
  • Why was the Holy Qur’an sent down to us as a guide?
  • How was Islam created?
  • How was Islam continued?
  • How do we raise our children?
  • Why do we perform Salaah?
  • Why do we ask from Allah SWT?
  • Why do we make Dua?
  • Where are we headed in this world, and how?
  • After we die, what will be our saviour?
  • In the hereafter, what will lead us to Jannah?
  • When our children grow up, we have to eventually let them toughen up, who do we pray to for their safety?
  • Who do we pray to for anybody’s safety?
  • When the going gets tough, what gets us through it?
  • When we lose a loved one, when we feel like it’s the end of the world, what gets us through it?
  • When something bad happens at home or at work, or even to our children, what gets us through it?


Faith, right? We all have faith in Allah SWT; He is the Greatest, and He is the most merciful.

So all those thousands of our brothers and sisters out there; suffering in the blistering cold, on an empty stomach, with no shelter, no warmth, no food, no water and no future… how about them?

They still share one thing with us though; they also have faith!

However, their faith is purer than ours.

What is the difference, you ask?

Our Faith

-          You got made redundant and received a payout for 11 years’ service; you are extremely stressed and pray to Allah SWT to help you find another job so you can continue supporting your family in the way that they are accustomed to. You have faith that Allah SWT will help and guide you.

Their Faith

-          A poor widow has just seen her tiny child die in her arms due to lack of nutrition, it is cold and she barely has enough clothes to cover her remaining two children, neither has she the tears to cry for her loss. “Allah SWT will send him to Jannah, inshallah”, she thinks, she then prays to Allah SWT to help her find nourishment for her other two children. She has faith.

This is where WE come in, brothers and sisters. This is the reason Allah SWT has given us our wealth. Let’s share it with those who are entitled to share our worldly wealth with us. Allah SWT will reward us infinitely more. They suffer each and every day, yet they still have one thing keeping them going; faith.

Donate to Muslim Aid today and help those brothers in sisters who have faith, that one day they will get the help they need.

May Allah SWT reward them for their patience and reward you for your generosity. Ameen.


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