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Give Qurbani, For Those Left Behind

If you own a television set, have listened to the radio or seen a newspaper in the last few weeks, you will be well aware of the refugee crisis that has hit Europe. Hard.

In a stunning (surprise) moment of realisation, the countries of the European Union have had to adjust and adapt in order to accommodate thousands upon thousands of people, fleeing from the problems of the Middle East and other such conflict-stricken regions.

But their involvement with and awareness of the refugee crisis in Syria and similar states is no longer a million miles away, on a continent far removed from their own. It is on their doorstep, on their borders, and on their conscience.

As the bigwigs of the EU continue to argue amongst themselves as to who takes in what refugees, would like to ask you to spare a thought for those left behind this Qurbani.

Unlike those waiting to hear their fate and the EU’s decision, there are individuals and families who were too poor, too ill or too terrified to make the long and treacherous journey from refugee camps on Syria’s borders, to safer climes north of the Mediterranean.

It is these unfortunate souls who will continue to struggle in tent cities, with a looming threat and ever-strained resources. Children will not go to school, families will not enjoy tasty and filling meals, worried parents will not be able to secure a better future for their loved ones. But you can offer them a glimmer of hope this Qurbani.

Whether you donate to Muslim Aid’s causes all year long, or you are looking to make your Qurbani offering go further this Eid-ul-Adha by donating meat to those in need, you can make the world of difference.

Many will offer and distribute their Qurbani meat amongst family, friends, neighbours and the needy in the UK. What about our duty to brothers and sisters further afield though? When they have been through so much, and still face so much ahead of them, the least we can do is share our blessings and our meat with them. 

So donate Qurbani through Muslim Aid, to those left behind. By putting food in the bellies and smiles on the faces of those most in need, you will give hope to one of the world’s darker corners.


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