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The Beauty of the Beast

We all know that during Qurbani, the sacrificial animal is of paramount importance to the Muslim community; held dear by those performing Qurbani, as well as by Allah (SWT) Himself.

But aside from the blessings and forgiveness we receive when we perform the sacrifice, according to the rules and guidelines, in a way that pleases Him and fulfils His will, how can we benefit from Qurbani?

Well, first and foremost, Qurbani serves as a reminder of the beauty of the beast. 

We are told to care for and nurture the animal, or animals; we intend to sacrifice. And though the deed must be done, we are given strict instructions as to the best way to go about it, with the animal’s interests at heart. Animals are to be shielded from stressful sights, such as the sharpening of the knife or the slaughter of another creature.

Such precautions and care demonstrate both restraint and compassion, which we are capable of all year round, though we are not always willing. However, the practice and donation of Qurbani – where we honour man, beast and Allah (SWT) – brings out the very best of us. In fact, it is this state of kindness, caring and spirituality that we can draw inspiration from in all walks of life.

We see goodness and purity in the eyes of the animals; both qualities we wish we saw in all humanity. Their gentle and trusting nature, their sacrifice on our behalf, and the love we know He has for them are what make them such virtuous creatures, to be always honoured, and not just for Qurbani.

By respecting these animals and offering livestock, we give it a greater purpose; to help those who are hungry, poor and in need. A great calling indeed.  

Perhaps you too will feel a great calling this Qurbani. You might enjoy making a Qurbani donation through Muslim Aid so much that you make charity work and donations a regular occurrence. 

Or, you might choose to be kinder, more caring and more compassionate to others, whatever the circumstance. It may even be that you have a newfound appreciation for all living creatures, both human and of the Animal Kingdom. 

Either way, that is the beauty of the beast. By performing your Qurbani, you will be blessed in countless ways, and paying those blessings forward by being a better person is the ultimate way to make a difference and lead by example.


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