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From London to Mosul.

Meet Madiha – The British Female Muslim Aid Worker

“The air is thick with the smell of smoke, sewage and death.”
- Madiha Raza, British Muslim Aid worker in Mosul, Iraq.

The situation in recently-retaken Mosul is critical. Schools, houses and hospitals lie in ruins and the smell of death hangs heavy in the air from a battle that has raged on and on.
Amongst the rubble, children’s toys lie scattered, the reminder of innocence and goodness torn apart by death and destruction.

Madiha is 29 years old, lives in North London and works for Muslim Aid, one of the only NGOs working directly in Mosul. She couldn’t look helplessly anymore at the pictures coming out of Iraq and travelled to Mosul to join the evacuation and relief teams.

Like all our aid workers, she works under threat of attack and ambush. Orphaned children are regularly abandoned by the roadside as bait for helpers to rescue. Snipers lie in wait and kill aid workers as they come to take the child to safety.

Madiha has been trained in disaster aid relief but nothing could have prepared her for the scenes in Mosul or the dangers she would face.

“It’s surreal. We are in constant threat of danger. I have seen evil and I have seen goodness - the amazing bravery of Muslim Aid workers risking their lives from snipers and attack to rescue people desperate and dying.”

“I’ve seen first-hand the horrors in Mosul. It’s like Armageddon. Families have been ripped apart. I met Wafa, who is 11 years old. She told me her brother, 14, was killed by a sniper - simply because he was helping people to escape."

Muslim Aid is working tirelessly to save lives in catastrophic conditions – aid workers like Madiha go right in to the heart of Mosul to find and rescue those who are still clinging on to life.

But we can’t do it without the bravery of our employees.

We can’t do it without you.

Will you do something to help?

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£60Family Food Pack - provides Wheat flour, oil, salt, rice, sugar, chickpeas, horspeas, bulgur which will last an entire month

£120 – Emergency Life saving packEvacuates an entire family and provides them with food, water and other life saving items for an entire month

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