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Give In Rajab

Rajab is one of the four ‘Sacred Months of Allah.’ It is the perfect time to give in the way of Allah (swt). The scholars have explained that all good deeds carried out in this month have a greater reward! Reap the rewards of this sacred month and help those in need. 

The sacred month of Allah 

This month is also known as ‘Rajab al-Fard’ or ‘Rajab the Separate One’, and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) referred to it as ‘The Sacred Month of Allah’. 

One of the four sacred months mentioned in the Quran, Rajab is a truly blessed time.

All acts of worship and good deeds performed during Rajab will earn extra reward and weigh heavier on the scales. 

Reap the rewards of this sacred month and help those struggling to stay alive. 

£30  Could help save a life. 

£60  Could provide clean drinking water to a family. 

£120 Could help vulnerable women and children in need of urgent support. 

£350   Could provide life-saving medicine and healthcare facilities. 

Your donations can be a vital lifeline for those living in emergency situations or struggling every day in severe poverty. 

Give in Rajab 

Divine mercy, blessings, and rewards are at their peak during the sacred months as we are taught that reward for acts of obedience performed in these months are greater than other months.  

Therefore, giving your Sadaqah or Zakat in this beautiful month can bring immense blessings and strengthen your connection with Allah (swt). 

Your donation can: 

  • Give life-saving clean water to quench more thirst and provide safe sanitation – stopping the spread of disease.
  • Relieve the hardship of a grieving widow, reeling from trauma and desperately wondering how she can support her children.
  • Ensure that we can respond to those in the greatest of need, caught in the grip of famine, war, or natural disaster. 


Donate Now. Give in Rajab. 


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