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Syria â Hospital Appeal Saving Lives



Syria – Hospital Appeal Saving Lives

In the depths of destruction and conflict, there is a place of sanctuary and hope.

Help us to heal the people of Syria.

Muslim Aid is supporting a large hospital in Northern Syria – close to the Turkish Border. It sees over 14,000 patients every single month – people affected by one of the worst humanitarian crisis and conflicts of our times.

Bursting at the seams, this hospital is a literal lifeline for the sick and wounded who pass through its doors in their droves – people injured by barrel bombs and shelling, maimed by gun fire and explosions, mothers and children sick from malnutrition and disease. 1 in 5 Syrians who live in the north of Syria will pass through this hospital – many of them bleeding and in pain.

Heavy strain on resources and beds means that the hospital is struggling. Threats of violence and destruction on hospitals, attacks on medical staff, damaged buildings and restrictions on the passage of medicine and medical supplies mean that the hospital is in desperate need of aid.

The staff of the hospital are exhausted and giving all that they have to save the lives of those that they treat.  These people have given everything but now they need our support to carry on saving lives.

Now it’s your turn to help.

This Ramadan, we are asking for you to dig deep and put your money towards strengthening this valuable hospital whose care is so vital to the people of Syria. A place of learning and healing, this hospital has the potential to provide free medical care to around 144,000 people each year.

The main hospital consists of:

  • Emergency hospital – including 19 beds and 3 operating theatres, life-saving equipment and dedicated trauma staff.
  • Specialty hospital – treating some of the most difficult cases and providing care to people with life-changing injuries.
  • Paediatric hospital – with specialist staff, this hospital has seen over 690 babies and children in the last 4 months alone. Tiny lives shattered by the conflict.


How you can help

Be part of providing the essential equipment, supplies and staffing that is the heart of this hospital. With your donations, you can make a staggering difference to sustaining and developing a place of healing and hope.  A hospital that is the only beacon of light and safety in a city which has been brought to its knees.

With your help, we can literally save lives.

£300 – Provide 25 Litres of Blood 

25 litres of blood to treat the sick, injured and wounded! DONATE NOW


£500 – Fuelling the hospital

£500 will provide fuel/ diesel for the hospital to serve 400 patients. DONATE NOW


£1000 – Hospital Emergency Bed

£1000 provides an emergency bed which is fully equipped to treat severely injured and wounded patients. DONATE NOW


£5,000 – Mortuary Cold Room

£5000 will is provides a cold unit for 10 dead bodies to support families to bury their dead in an appropriate and dignified manner. DONATE NOW


£10,000 – Emergency Ambulance

£10,000 will provide a fully equipped ambulance to receive and transport emergency patients 24 hours a day. DONATE NOW


 £22,000 - Barrel bomb Survival

£22,000 will provide emergency response to those injured due to a barrel bomb attack, including: Emergency ambulance response,  Providing blood, life saving operations, prosthetic limbs, (Shrapnel) blast injuries treatment, treatment of severe burns etc. on average 80 to 100 people are severely injured by a barrel bomb. DONATE NOW