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Job Details

  • Job Type
  • Contract Duration
    3 Years
  • Location
    London, United Kingdom
  • Salary
  • Closing Date
    December 17th, 2023
  • Job Description
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Summary of Role

We are currently recruiting for five new Trustees to join our Board, particularly position of Media & Communication, Fundraising & Income Generation, Finance & Audit, Strategy & Organisational Transformation and UK Grassroots Activism.

You will serve as a Trustee of Muslim Aid and as a Committee Member where required and agreed with you.

You will support the organisation in ensuring its work is aligned to its values and strategic priorities, assessing risks and developing a culture of ownership, delivery and accountability.

You will be a part of a Board, ensuring the organisation is financially viable, sustainable and can deliver its vision for the betterment of the beneficiaries we serve.

About the Role

  1. To ensure that we pursue our objectives as defined in our governing documents.
  2. To ensure that we use our resources exclusively and efficiently in the pursuance of our objectives.
  3. To ensure that we comply with our governing documents, charity and company law, other relevant legislation and regulations, guidance issued by the Charity Commission and relevant regulators, and thereby protect our charitable status.
  4. To ensure that our financial compliance commitments are met within set standards and timescales.
  5. To give strategic direction to the charity, developing and setting overall strategy and policy, defining goals and setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets.
  6. Work collaboratively with all trustees and the executive, supporting the delivery of our strategic priorities.
  7. To act as an ambassador for Muslim Aid, representing the charity at meetings and facilitating network and funding opportunities as these arise.

About You

To be successful in this role:

  1. Knowledge and experience of international humanitarian/emergency relief and development work.
  2. Strategic planning experience at senior level .
  3. Finance & Audit Trustee: Developing and managing financial controls and audit mechanisms, along with reporting systems. Presenting financial issues and solutions to the Board for informed decision-making.
  4. Strategy & Organisational Transformation Trustee: Transforming and growing a multinational charity, transitioning from a predominantly delivery-focused organisation to a primarily enabling organisation.
  5. UK Grassroots Activism Trustee: Developing and delivering initiatives through UK grassroots organisations, such as mosques, Muslim community organisations, and agencies serving societal needs.
  6. Media & Communications Trustee: Media, public relations, and communications expertise with insights into mainstream media operations and effectively engaging target audiences.
  7. Fundraising & Income Generation Trustee: proven track record of successful fundraising, grant writing, and donor relations to secure necessary resources for growth. Familiarity with leveraging new technologies in the fundraising process.

Why you should Apply

As a Trustee at Muslim Aid, you have the chance to turn your passion for charitable work into real action. This role empowers you to apply your skills, effect meaningful change, and actively contribute to the causes you hold dear. By joining us, you become part of an impactful organisation, where you will collaborate with like-minded professionals, gaining valuable experience in nonprofit governance and leadership. Make a difference in the lives of those we serve while shaping the future of our organisation and the causes we support.

How to Apply

Muslim Aid welcomes applications from individuals of all backgrounds, without regard to age, gender, race/ethnicity, or religion. We are particularly keen to encourage applications from women and men from diaspora communities that are currently underrepresented on our Board of Trustees – e.g., Bangladeshi, Arab and Black African communities.

If you are interested in the roles we are seeking to fill, please review the Muslim Aid Trustee Information Pack, Role Description and Person Specification. To apply, send your completed Trustee Application Form and CV to [email protected] with the subject line indicating the role you are interested in – e.g., 'Media & Communication', 'Fundraising & Income Generation', ‘Finance & Audit’, ‘Strategy & Organisational Transformation’ and UK Grassroots Activism. If you prefer to apply through the Muslim Aid website, please use our online application portal.

We are a faith-based British international charity that provides help to people who are victims of natural disasters or conflict or suffering from poverty, hunger, disease, homelessness, injustice, deprivation or lack of skills and economic opportunities.

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