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About our work & Values

Compassion and justice (Ru’ufun and ‘Adl) in all of our actions;

Accountability and transparency (Muhasabah and Shafafyah) to all of our stakeholders, especially the communities which we work with;

Action with quality (Amal m’a Jawadah) – our programmes reflect and fill a gap identified by the communities we work with, with longer term actions based upon need and capacity;

Respect for rights, dignity and equal opportunity (Karamah and Sawaseyah) of all peoples;

Empowerment (Tamkeen) communities and individuals to reach their potential.

Vision & Ethos

The Holy Qur’an describes a ‘godly’ person as someone: “giving a rightful share of their wealth to the beggar and the deprived” (51:19); while Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) reminds us that: “Every good act is charity; and the person who guides others to a good act is as the one who did it; and, assuredly, God loves the act of aiding the distressed!” (al Bayhaqi).  The Prophet also says that “Love for humanity what you love for yourself!” (al-Bukhari).

“Whosoever saves a life, it is as if they have saved the lives of all humankind” (Qur’an 5:32)”.

The ethos of Muslim Aid is rooted in these teachings; a belief that providing relief and aid to others is central to one’s humanity. This can, and is, performed by those of all faiths and none.

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