Qurbani Prices

We have created a banding system to make Qurbani prices clearer for those wishing to donate. This banding system factors in things like donor demand and capability, as well as levels of need in different regions and the logistics of transporting meat to them, to ensure our efforts and your donations are fairly distributed.

  • £45 covers India, Somalia and Gambia
  • £65 will feed individuals and families in tough regions like Nepal, Cambodia, Malawi, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • £110 ensures your Qurbani donation reaches those in need in places like Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Philippines, Macedonia, Syria, Sudan and South Africa
  • £210 is a generous sum that benefits people in conflict-stricken regions like Lebanon, Jordan, Bosnia, Iraq, Yemen, Serbia and Palestine
  • £150 can not only provide your family with a portion of Qurbani meat, but the rest will be distributed to benefit the poor and in need across the UK
  • £90 is the amount a Qurbani donation costs for those where the need is greatest
  • £189 Family Qurbani provides a total of 7 units to be distributed amongst the poor.

Browse the site or get in touch with us to find out more about Qurbani prices and how your donation can help. 

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