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Importance Of Zakat Today

One only has to look at the state of the Muslim Ummah today in order to understand just how important the concept of Zakat is today. So many Muslims are suffering in different parts of the world through poverty and conflict.The Syria crisis is more than four years old and to this day, no end is in sight. Myanmar is going through some tough times and Muslims over there have been the victims of violence and poverty. In Bangladesh and Pakistan, many people are exposed to frequent natural disasters. And who can forget Palestine, where outbreaks of violence regularly endanger lives.


Why Zakat is Important Today

The funds collected through Zakat are meant to be used specifically for the betterment of people in poverty. Legitimate help such as assistance with basic life provisions like food, water, clothing, medicine and shelter; things they cannot provide for themselves or for their families. Relief Aid agencies take Zakat donations from donors and use them to provide aid to these people. Be it refugees or widows who have no one left to provide for them or orphans who need sponsors to support them in education and basic living, Zakat donations are invaluable.

The Muslim population is estimated to be around one billion today. As such, there is immense potential to collect sizeable Zakat donations that can be used for the betterment of humanity. Your Zakat donation will ensure no child goes to bed hungry; the elderly get their medicine on time and widows get the financial assistance they need to support their families.

Donate your Zakat through Muslim Aid this Ramadan and become an active part of a system that helps people.